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If you’re a freelance writer or simply writing for some writing agency, there is a higher chance that one of your dream companies to write for would be “Forbes.” Forbes has an immense worldwide audience. So, all startups and well-established businesses wish to get featured on Forbes.

Forbes, as you might already know, focuses on the latest and trending topics about businesses, technologies, news about new startups, and talks about investments and entrepreneurship. Their main focus is investment and affluent lifestyles. But the best part about Forbes is that they don’t limit their topics. So, any content can get featured on the website with a focus on Finance.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the right path through which you can make your dream of getting featured in Forbes into reality.

Why Should You Submit Your Article to Feature on Forbes?

Like any big platform, Forbes offers numerous direct and indirect benefits to writers and big businesses with more than 150 million monthly readers worldwide. A great-pitched article for any startup published in Forbes can lead to immense sales and brand awareness.

Not only that, there is a huge potential to get reached by C-level executives through Forbes because these people often read articles published on Forbes. So, it’s a highly enriched platform.

What Should You Choose: A contributor for Forbes or Forbes Council?

The first question that comes into mind to feature on Forbes is which one is better? Should you try to opt for the Forbes Council or write (you can submit ghostwritten content) for them as a contributor? So, we will begin by addressing which option can be viable. Let’s start by explaining the two.

The first option is to opt for the Forbes Council. It is a paid way to get your success story published and build up your brand or maybe your repo in the market.

The second option is becoming a Forbes contributor. It’s a free way of getting published on Forbes.

The requirements are;

  • Your content must be original and only exclusive to Forbes.
  • Your content should be unique. They will reject your content if their website already covers your idea.

Which is the Best Way Among These Two?

Both ways provide a great way to earn money indirectly from Forbes. But it is evident from multiple sources that becoming a Forbes contributor lands you a few hundred dollars a month. So, even if you give them your content as a contributor, it will earn you money. This option is also an opportunity for aspiring writers willing to work for Forbes.

Moreover, if you opt for their councils, aka Forbes Councils, you can’t use their contributor option.

How to Get Your Content Published on Forbes?

It is possible to approach Forbes in a couple of ways.

To submit an article (paid version), you should use a trustworthy digital marketing agency to help you in the Forbes Publication. OK DIGI WORLD is one of them to publish your content on Forbes with guaranteed placement and permanent. OK DIGI WORLD has a massive publication record on Top Tier 1 Media, like Forbes, USA Today, Men’s Journal, and LA Weekly.

You can apply to become a regular Forbes contributor by completing a Google Form. You will also need to provide LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and ideas for what you want your page to look like. Also, link examples of your writing so that you can explain why you’re qualified for the page.

What is Forbes Write for Us?

Forbes Write for Us is a great way to pitch content ideas at The editors review the inbox. If your content is relevant to their section and you offer a good idea, they may invite you to submit it to their column.

What Will Be the Waiting Period?

Your content will be reviewed within a few business days. If you don’t get any response within a month, it’s best to assume your content isn’t useful for them. It’s best to get your content published elsewhere and try again with fresh content, considering your idea is generic and meets their requirements.

How to Become a Forbes Contributor?

The Forbes website has many reporters, editors, and guest bloggers. Generally, most articles relate to business, money, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, real estate, digital marketing, and travel. There may also be a blog post or a completed lifestyle, health, or culture project.

Here is a detailed process that will help you how to apply to be a Forbes contributor:

1.     Find the Relevant Editor

Consider contacting Forbes’ editors, who hire writers to write articles for Forbes. You can check the site bylines to see who is an editor on Forbes. It is recommended to use social media to find out who is an editor and go through their Twitter or LinkedIn profiles.

Once you’ve found out the editor of your interest, the next step is to google their name. You can use the keyword Forbes with their name to check whether they publish articles.

How to Get the Editor’s Email Address?

The main point is to approach the editor via email. People don’t often respond to social media, especially if it’s related to work. Email is the best form to convey your idea and pitch it to whom it concerns.

2.     Pitch Your Idea Clearly and Concisely

Here’s your chance! Generally, the better your pitch is, the sooner you can reach the point and make your case. And I think if you’re a good writer, you can create one for sure. All it needs is to be on point, have clarity, some story, and of course, offer great benefit for readers.

How to Write for Forbes?

Don’t expect the editor to provide certain requirements or outlines that will help you write an article that perfectly aligns with Forbes. Instead, do your best homework. The best way to do so is by looking at their published articles.

Pro tip: You can search for topics on Forbes relevant to your niche. It will be very helpful for you to replicate their clot-un-clot required style, and that will help increase your chance of getting featured on Forbes.

Here are some standard guidelines for getting an article featured on Forbes:

  1. The article length should be around 600-1200 words
  2. As Forbes is a business and growth-oriented platform, your article must have stats that back up proper sources such as Statista, PU Research, etc.
  3. That will be great if your article includes popular people interviews that are relevant to your article.

How Much Does Forbes Charge to Feature Your Story?

If you choose to do personal branding, Forbes provides you with a chance to get in the limelight. Forbes can charge anywhere from $800-$10000+ for one article. The price heavily depends on your brand image, your reputation, and, of course, your turnover. But you’ll be able to see your brand starts booming and a spike in sales after you’ve been featured on Forbes.


Getting an article featured on Forbes is incredibly beneficial for your business. We have discussed enough ways you feature your publication on Forbes. Even if you use expensive ways to get your article on Forbes, it will still provide a great turnover concerning your brand image and sales.

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